Meet the Therapists


Brandie Davis - Owner, CMT, RMT, CST

Why does a person with a BS in Biology become a massage therapist instead of joining lucrative biotech companies? Simple. Massage therapy changes lives!

When Brandie Davis was in 7th grade she developed acute low back pain. It would be so painful sometimes Brandie could hardly walk and just taking a breath would randomly send her entire back into a gripping spam. She tried every position possible to relieve her back pain with no success. Her family knew a woman that did some work in massage therapy. Massage was not as popular then as it is now, but Brandie and her family were willing to try anything. After several months of regular massage sessions, stretching every day, and strengthening, Brandie began to get her life back again.

While finishing her Biology degree from Marian University Brandie did an internship under a massage therapist in 2006. She received her certification in massage therapy from Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. in 2007.

So why did this bio major pass up jobs in bio tech to help people through massage? Because it change Brandie’s life and hopefully she can pay it forward to you. Having gone through all that pain has made her a more empathetic and knowledgeable massage therapist. Brandie knows what it is like to be in pain on a daily basis, but she also know the feeling of FREEDOM from pain. Brandie strives every day to give that freedom to her clients.